About Us

Little Henny Productions is the film production company founded by Joanne Ooi, a very experienced marketing professional who has garnered international recognition for her ground-breaking campaigns, both on- and offline, in different industries, especially luxury goods. (Read Ooi’s LinkedIn bio or, better yet, watch this video in which she introduces herself.) Through Little Henny Productions, Ooi assists businesses to market their services and products by harnessing the full power of video. After identifying what is most value-added, memorable, outstanding and unique about a business, Ooi distills it into a short film which can be edited and repurposed for many different purposes, according to the business’ needs and objectives.

Video is the best way to communicate the unique, human elements of your business. After all, one of the main reasons that a client hires a service provider is because they trust and like you. Moreover, if your product or business is built on a specialized process, technique, equipment or craft, video allows you to show instead of tell. Watch the D’AUCHEL video for a great example of how a picture (or, in this case, moving image) is worth a thousand words.