Video brings the artist, curator or gallerist directly into the living room of the viewer and can create a much more direct and intimate connection. Next, video conveys texture, dimensionality and scale far better than any series of still photos. For art fairs, video does an excellent job of communicating physical size, setting, attendance and atmosphere.


Customer decisions about brands, products and services are frequently based on some combination of the seller's trustworthiness, likeability and expert knowledge. Video not only allows the entrepreneur or brand to explain their knowledge and experience directly to the viewer, but permits them to show their knowledge, technique, craft or skill in action in a highly visual and easy-to-understand way, something which words usually cannot achieve.


Video content about non-profits can trigger awareness and inspire support much better than dry textual content peppered with statistics and facts. By showing images or footage of the problem or deficiency being tackled by the organization, video makes the problem comprehensible and real. Maybe even more important, video brings home the passion and commitment of the founders and the organization -- indispensable when it comes to whipping up support or donations around an issue or topic area.


These videos were originally created for the personal social media use of Joanne Ooi, founder of Little Henny Productions, but are relevant examples for business, especially in the context of social media.