A Consultancy Frieze 2017 Overview

A Consultancy Frieze 2017

A series of videos shot during Frieze 2017, featuring art advisor, Olga Ovenden of A Consultancy, describing this year's fair, with stops at her favourite booths and artworks. A longer video, "Overview", is the main piece from which shorter social media clips, "Donna Huanca" and "Esther Schipper" were cut in order to create videos for social media use. This series is an excellent example of how the vibrancy and three-dimensionality of art greatly benefits from being captured on film.

A Consultancy Frieze 2017 Overview

Art adviser, Olga Ovenden, walks us through Frieze 2017, how it compares with previous fairs and some of her favourite highlights.

A Consultancy Frieze 2017 Esther Schipper

A one-minute social media clip extracted from the longer "Overview" piece in the same album: Olga Ovenden, describes how Frieze 2017 is more adventurous and colourful than recent fairs, citing the booth of German gallery, Esther Schipper, as a great example of this trend. This clip is an example of how a longer video (like "Overview") can be sliced, diced and repurposed, for different uses, such as social media.

A Consultancy Frieze 2017 Donna Huanca

A short social media clip extracted from the longer "Overview" video in the same album, this is a great example of how a short clip can be extracted and used for social media.