Videos from a series about FORMAT, the UK's premier photography festival, a biennial based in Derby, UK: The original objective was to create a single general introductory video (The UK's Premier Photo Festival) but because so much excellent talking head footage and insight was recorded, the series expanded ad hoc to include content about curation and artists. The short clips, The Handmaid's Tale and St. Werburgh's Chapel, were created for social media use.

FORMAT 2017 - The UK’s Premier Photo Festival

An overview of FORMAT, the UK's premier photography festival based in Derby, UK, and founded in 2005, featuring Louise Clement, founder, and Monica Allende, the director of FORMAT 2017. Not only does the video convey Clement's long-standing and passionate commitment to developing and expanding the biennial, the video conveys the scope, atmosphere and scale of the festival much better than words alone.

FORMAT 17: The Space Between (Edgar Martins)

Artist, Edgar Martins, explains the backdrop, objectives and creative modus operandi behind his multi-year project documenting different locations and facilities of the European Space Agency, ordinarily off-limits to the public. A portion of this project was exhibited during FORMAT 2017.

FORMAT 17: The Handmaid’s Tale (Stephanie Rushton)

Artist, Stephanie Rushton, explains the sexual morphology of the flower pictured in her work, The Handmaid's Tale, one of the arresting artworks within her larger exhibition, Archaea, exhibited during FORMAT 17. Despite Rushton's shy personality and tendency to cite esoteric references, the vivid artwork and interesting reference to Margaret Atwood's novel provided great material for a captivating social media clip.

FORMAT 17: St. Werburgh’s Chapel

The arresting juxtaposition of artworks by Simon Aeppli and Tim Simmons in a centuries-old chapel made this FORMAT 17 exhibition prime visual material for a gorgeous short video. The Gregorian chant music was added to underscore the solemnity of the religious atmosphere.

FORMAT 17: The Beauty of Chance

In this video, director of FORMAT 2017, Monica Allende explains how the best curation is usually based on instinct, serendipity and close collaboration. The video was filmed in Derby and London and incorporates video footage of the exhibition in Pearson (Derby) described by Allende plus still photos furnished by FORMAT. Allende was filmed in London.