Konstantin Bessmertny: Ad Lib

Konstantin Bessmertny: Ad Lib

This series features Russian artist, Konstantin Bessmertny, explaining selected pieces from his exhibition, Ad Lib, at the Macau Museum of Art, and comprises one three-minute video (Ad Lib) followed by three videos of one-minute duration (repurposing the footage from the three-minute video). Ideally, the long clip should be used to pique client interest in advance of an exhibition while the shorter clips should be meted out on social media during the full term of the exhibition.

Konstantin Bessmertny: Ad Lib

Konstantin Bessmertny explains the back story and message behind some of his favorite pieces in his Ad Lib exhibition at the Macau Museum of Art. Bessmertny is a droll iconoclast who doesn't take himself too seriously, making him a natural for video content.

Konstantin Bessmertny: About Macau

This video is a segment of Ad Lib condensed and edited down for social media, in which Bessmertny explains the manifold references to Macau, both past and present, in his large, rotating painting entitled About Macau.

Konstantin Bessmertny: The Last Dumpling

In this social media video, which was cut from the longer video, Ad Lib, Bessmertny analogizes the Hong Kong hand-over of 1997 to diners stabbing at the last morsels of dim sum on the table.

Konstantin Bessmertny: Casino Republic

A segment of Ad Lib, edited down for social media, this clip focuses on a sculpture, "Casino Republic", poking fun at gamblers. It is a mouse trap baited with casino chips.