Customer decisions about brands, products and services are frequently based on some combination of the seller's trustworthiness, likeability and expert knowledge. Video not only allows the entrepreneur or brand to explain their knowledge and experience directly to the viewer, but permits them to show their knowledge, technique, craft or skill in action in a highly visual and easy-to-understand way, something which words usually cannot achieve.

Introducting DAUCHEL

Olivier Dauchez, the founder of DAUCHEL, a French leather accessories brand with an atelier in Hong Kong, explains the painstaking process of making a handbag or wallet entirely by hand. "Show, don't tell" is the lesson of this video. Incorporating lots of footage of artisans sewing, hammering, skiving and buffing leather, this video tells the story of DAUCHEL much more eloquently than words ever could.


Christina Dean, co-founder of eco-fashion brand, BYT, explains why she started the brand, its aspirations and how BYT's clothing is made from recycled textile waste. Dean is so passionate about BYT's mission that her energy and vitality practically make the screen crackle..