These videos were originally created for the personal social media use of Joanne Ooi, founder of Little Henny Productions, but are relevant examples for business, especially in the context of social media.

Ren Hang: Human Love

A video paean to Ren Hang's spectacularly different mode of seeing, composed by Ooi on the occasion of his last show at the Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm. This video pairs a simple narrative voice-over with compelling visuals and is a great example of how impactful and jam-packed a single one-minute video can be.

Trace by Aiweiwei

This video is a capsule summary of the Hirshhorn museum exhibition of the same name. Against footage of the central elements of the exhibition, Joanne Ooi provides a succinct overview of the exhibition. This format is suitable for explaining a single artwork or providing a quick-and-dirty overview of an exhibition. While it is preferable to include footage of the artist or curator talking, a voiceover (like this one) can do the trick, if the artist or curator cannot be physically present at the exhibition.

Judgment Day (Davis Cup)

A fun social clip created by Joanne Ooi while at the Davis Cup in Zagreb, Croatia. The clip captures the gladiatorial atmosphere between the warring tennis fans of Croatia and Argentina.